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RoundTrip works cooperatively with Madison area employers to promote transportation options and can help your business start its own Commute Solutions program.

What is a Commute Solutions program? 

It is a flexible combination of strategies put in place by an employer in order to reduce the number of employees commuting in single-occupant vehicles (SOV).  A Commute Solutions programs offers benefits for employees and cost savings for employers. It also helps our local communities by reducing congestion and pollution. 


Why start a Commute Solutions program at your workplace?

Your employees have many alternatives to driving alone.  However they may not be aware of their options and probably need encouragement to try something new. As an employer you can be an effective source of education and motivation.  As an employer there are also benefits for you. 

  • Reduce parking demand which can be a significant cost savings and can free up parking for customers and visitors.
  • Provide employees with a commuting benefit while reducing your payroll taxes.
  • Improve employee productivity when they have less stressful commutes.
  • Increase your edge in new employee recruitment by offering a valuable benefit and making your business attractive to those who don’t or prefer to not drive. 
  • Improve your employee’s health by promoting active transportation options like biking or walking to work or to a transit stop.
  • Gain community recognition for reducing negative impacts of traffic and helping improve the quality of life in our communities.

Assistance and Trip Reduction Strategies from RoundTrip and our partners:

  • RoundTrip Employer Commute Options Toolkit (PDF)
  • Employee Surveys and Site Analysis
  • Commuter Choice tax benefit programs
  • Bicycling Promotion
  • Walking Promotion
  • Online Ridematching and Emergency Ride Home
  • Alternative Work Schedules
  • Parking Cash Out
  • Commute Tracking and Workplace Commute Challenges
  • Transportation Materials and Resources

How can RoundTrip help you start a Commute Solutions program?

RoundTrip works closely with Metro Transit, the State Vanpool program, Wisconsin Department of Transportation and other local agencies and organizations to make sure employers and their employees know all the available transportation options.  RoundTrip can work directly with your company’s Green Team, Transportation Coordinator, Wellness staff, Benefits Coordinator or any of your staff that is interested in working on transportation options at your company.


Why does RoundTrip provide these services?

By providing free assistance to interested employers we hope to reduce congestion and maintain air quality in the Madison urban area. Through voluntary efforts we hope to avoid more serious levels of pollution and congestion. RoundTrip has worked with over 200 Madison area businesses and believe that this program can provide a great benefit for employers and employees while maintaining the quality of life in our communities.


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