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What is Emergency Ride Home?

The RoundTrip Emergency Ride Home (ERH) program makes it easier for commuters in Dane County to choose affordable, healthy, and sustainable options without worrying about how they will get home in case of emergency. ERH ensures that you are never stranded at work or school when you choose to carpool, vanpool, bike, or take public transit. ERH provides up to six Union Cab vouchers per year worth up to $75 per ride. The program is funded by the Dane County Highway and Transportation Department and administered by RoundTrip, a program of the Greater Madison MPO.


What Is Covered?

ERH covers up to six Union Cab rides per year, up to $75 per ride, to get from work or school to an eligible destination in the following situations:

  • Personal or family illness
  • Unexpected departure of a car/vanpool driver making it impossible to rideshare home
  • Bicycle breakdown on the way to or from work
  • Unscheduled overtime requested by a supervisor, making it impossible to rideshare home
  • Personal crisis such as death in family, flood, fire, or break-in at home
  • A new carpool arrangement that isn’t a good fit, leaving you without a ride home

Eligible destinations:

  • Home
  • A park-and-ride
  • A public transit connection point
  • A healthcare facility 
  • A daycare, school, or other middle stop to pick up a dependent

What Is Not Covered?

ERH is a safety net for non-drive-alone commuters. It is intended for limited use in unexpected situations that are out of your control. ERH does not cover situations including:

  • Rides from your home, to get to work or any other destination
  • Personal vehicle breakdown
  • Errands and appointments
  • Inclement weather (e.g., rain, snow)
  • Missed bus or carpool due to running late
  • Working late by choice
  • Public transit service disruptions and/or delays
  • Rides to or from destinations such as the airport and entertainment venues
  • Business-related travel
  • Multiple rides in the same day
  • In general, any situation for which you are reasonably able to plan in advance

How to Participate

  1. Create an account with RoundTrip and provide your email, home, and work addresses.
  2. Request to join the Emergency Ride Home program under “My Rewards” in your personal Dashboard. Staff will review your request within 1-2 business days.
  3. If a qualifying emergency occurs while you are at work, log into RoundTrip and redeem an ERH ride in your Dashboard under “My Rewards.” Only redeem a ride at the time you need it—the date on your voucher must match the date of your ride.
  4. Call Union Cab at (608) 242-2000 to request your ride. Print or show the digital voucher to the cab driver on your phone.
  5. If you are an approved ERH participant but unable to redeem a voucher online for any reason, you may pay for the ride and email your receipt to RoundTrip for reimbursement (tips not included).
  6. Important:
    • All rides are reviewed by RoundTrip staff. Anyone whose ride is flagged as inconsistent with program policies may be removed from the program. 
    • Riders are responsible for driver gratuity and any cost beyond $75.
    • Riders must be present when the cab arrives. Cabs will leave after five minutes and the missed ride will count toward your yearly limit of six rides.

Help Us Make ERH a Success!

ERH is a free program for commuters in Dane County that supports carpooling, vanpooling, walking, bicycling, and riding public transit to work. ERH is for occasional use. To ensure the best use of program funding, RoundTrip staff reserve the right to remove any participant whose use of ERH rides is inconsistent with program policies.