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School Carpool

Kids can carpool too! Talk to the other parents in your neighborhood that you see every day at pick up and drop off time and see if they would consider starting a school carpool. Just like any carpool one person can drive all the time or you can take turns. 

School Carpool Tips:

  • If driving isn’t being shared then agree on how costs will be covered.  Plan ahead for where the carpool will pick up in the morning and after school.Establish a plan for how to handle sick days, doctor’s appointments, partial school days and other schedule changes.
  • Make sure that all the parents have each other’s emergency contact information.



If you live too far to walk or bike then chances are your children are eligible to ride a bus to school. If so, take advantage of this great option. It keeps you from dealing with the driving hassles and reduces the congestion and air pollution at the school. In addition Metro Transit offers a variety of youth fares to make taking transit an easy and affordable option any time.